Classic and Muscle Car Hood Hinge & Door
Hinge Repair

Sold many items on E-Bay, with 100% positive feedback and
now starting small family run small business, to serve people like
  • All hinges inspected and rivets machined
    for your needs only
  • Powder Coating available , only
    Eastwood's powders used
  • All work done usually within 7 working
    days of receiving
Who is Wilson Antique Car Parts?

We are a small family run business located in Forest, Virginia.  We specialize in
Classic and muscle Car Hood hinge repair.  We also offer media blasting, powder
coating for the restored and rebuilt hood hinges, and your hood latch and hood pin.  
We take your old hinges, and make them work again, better than reproduction junk.  
Give us call or slip us an e-mail.


Now Offering Any Model Car or Truck Door Hinge Repair.  Quality
Inspections, with Replacement Pins,  New Bronze Bushings, Oil-Lite
Sleeves and Now Custom Made Detent Rollers for all Chevelle's
64-77.  We have Oil-Lite Detent Rollers, not the Cheap Made in
China ReProdution.     
We only use Sea Foam Deep
Creep on our Repaired hood
hinges, The best on the
Wilson Antique Car Parts




All our products are hand
made with pride in
Forest, Virginia  
Have you ever wanted to see a video of our work
in the process of rebuilding hood hinges or door
hinges?  See our video garage link here:

hood hinge repair video garage

for the Hood Hinge Repair garage
Connect with us at hubgarage.com
Do the math, if you are paying 2-15 grand for a paint
job, why not spend a few extra dollars to get your
door or hood hinges rebuilt?  Call or e-mail us today
for a quote.  We accept personal checks, money
orders and credit cards transacted through PayPal
only.  You will be shocked what a difference Rebuilt
Made in the USA hinges, can make on your car or
For the past few weeks, some of the e-mail
questions or quote requests have not gotten
through.  We apologize for the problem and
have contacted our website host about this.  If
this has happened to you, please e-mail me
directly at willie@hoodhingerepair.com or just
call us at 434-258-2606.  With the machines
running in the shop, sometimes we never hear
the phone ring.  Please leave a voice mail and I
will call you back.  Your business is important to
us and I thank you.
Willie Wilson
Join us for the 2014 Charlotte Auto Fair April 3rd-5th

Will be in our usual spots inside the track in the
Orange Field,
DO-18, DO-19 and DO-20.

Core hinges will be accepted all weekend and hood and door
hinges for sale as well.  Place your order now and pick them
up in Charlotte.

Come by and ask us about our hood, door and trunk hinge
rebuilding needs for all makes and models.  See you there!!

Willie Wilson